Shaker Hawk

Remote Maintenance and Performance Monitoring


Access live operations data to establish trends and optimize shaker performance

The BRANDT™ Shaker Hawk™ is an innovative remote shaker monitoring system. It enables on-site and remote monitoring of BRANDT shale shakers through M/D Totco Rig Sense and NOV's Max Platform™, which hosts the GoConnect™ equipment monitoring application. GoConnect is a digital solution, which provides real-time data analytics for process monitoring, predictive analytics, and condition-based maintenance, reducing nonproductive time (NPT).

The user-friendly interface gives you access to live and historical operations data. Live operations data include trend graphs for cumulative shaker operating hours, shaker G-force, deck angle monitoring, total motor current and motor frequency. In addition, the interface shows shaker status of running or stopped, and condition with fault or no alarm. At fault condition, the interface shows alarm/fault codes for the variable frequency drive. The system also provides push notifications for maintenance scheduling.

The Shaker Hawk, combined with GoConnect, provides a powerful trend data visualization tool, automated maintenance scheduling and reminders, and instant notification of any on-site issues.

Rated for Hazardous areas, the Shaker Hawk comes standard with GPS and a cellular antenna that provides internet access through cellular or local area networks for remote connectivity and data transfer to cloud servers.

Features and benefits

  • Assists in the prediction of mechanical and electrical issues thereby reducing NPT
  • Allows indication of topside loading on the shakers
  • Automated maintenance scheduling/reminders
  • Develops trends for shaker performance optimization
  • Instant notification of on-site issues to NOV Technical Services Team to quickly act on any situation
  • Detailed alarm codes for trouble-shooting variable frequency drive
  • Powered by NOV's Max Platform
  • Shaker Hawk Monitoring System Flyer

  • Shaker Hawk reduces NPT and maintenance costs in West Texas - Case Study

Case Study

Our client's shaker shut down due to an over-torque situation initially believed to be caused by a bearing issue. Our NOV Technical Services Team was notified instantly, and upon analysis of the amps and torque data, we remotely determined a loose connection caused the high spike in torque. The connection was fixed, and the shaker returned to normal operation. As a result, NPT and maintenance costs were saved.

Shaker case study full chart view, case study 1

Full chart view

Shaker case study over torque, case study 2

Showing the over torque situation that then shut down the shaker. You can see the spike and then the flatline. It requires looking at the amps and torque to determine that this was not a bearing issue, but once that was clear we could tell it was a loose connection causing the high spike in torque (resistance).

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