Ship Integrated Turret

 Achieve your necessary field requirements through the flexible and modular design of our Ship Integrated Turret.


The Ship Integrated Turret (SIT) is an innovative and flexible turret mooring system for a floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel. Its modular design allows for upgrades or modifications to suit different field requirements. Developed from a unique modularized design, these units are available in various sizes and with varying riser capacities to suit your requirements.

The units are comprised of several standard components and feature a combination of roller- and journal-type bearings, thus providing adequate load capacity for use in all areas and water depths. The units are available with multiple decks on the turret shaft, which enables manifolding, pigging equipment, subsea control, chemical injection equipment, and safe riser handling. 

Winches are provided for riser handling and chain tensioning, which can be performed from the turret shaft assembly. Interfaces with the vessel are well defined, and the units can be integrated into all vessel types.




  • APL Mooring and Loading Systems Brochure