ShredR Bits

Drill out composite plugs with our small-diameter roller-cone ShredR drill bits.

A render of a ShredR bit
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ShredR drill bits are a product line of small-diameter roller-cone bits used for drilling out composite plugs. These bits use our latest design and materials technology to create a premium line of sealed bearing-milled tooth bits. They are intended to drill more plugs faster than conventional mills.


  • Both API and PAC connections available
  • Lug shirttail protection available
  • Premium ArmorClad II™ tooth hard metal available


  • Pin connections available to make-up directly to most coiled tubing motors
  • Wear protection for lug in horizontal applications
  • Reduced tooth wear
  • Increased durability
  • Increased plugs drilled
  • Reduced plug drill time
  • Coiled Tubing Tools Catalog

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