Side-Door Stripper Assembly

Our side-door stripper assembly utilizes a side door for replacing packer and bushings in a compact design.

Side Door Stripper Render

Our side door stripper assemblies incorporate a single hydraulic circuit, reducing complexity and potential leak paths, reducing overall stack height and weight. 

Utilizing our field-proven design, our side door stripper assemblies are easy to maintain and provide accessibility to the pack-off element and bushings. This functionality allows quick packer element replacement while pipe is stabbed, reducing NPT and safety risk.

Suitable for various applications and working environments, the Texas Oil Tools™ side door stripper assembly continues to lead the industry in reliable well control safety equipment.



  • Compact profile allows for an overall reduced stack height and weight
  • One hydraulic circuit reduces complexity and potential leak paths
  • Pack-off piston above the element allows you to use the piston to push the old one out
  • Extended wear bushings reduce the unsupported distance between injector blocks and stripper assembly
  • The side door design provides ease-of-maintenance and accessibility to the pack-off element and bushings, allowing them to be replaced under pressure 

Temperature and Service

  • H2S service: -20°F to 250°F (-20°C to 121°C)
  • North Sea service: -25°F to 200°F (-32°C to 93°C)
  • Arctic: -50°F to 200°F (-46°C to 93°C)
  • Geothermal (steam): 75°F to 500°F (24°C to 260°C)

Side-Door Stripper Assembly Specifications

Model Bore Working Pressure Lower-End Connection Tubing Range Weight Height OD
DSY4 2.06 in. 10,000 psi Quick union 1 to 1½ in. 262 lbs 38.75 in. 9.92 in.
DSY74 2.50 in. 10,000 psi Quick union, flange, or Hydraconn connection 1 to 1¾ in. 250 lbs 33.97 in. 11.40 in.
DSH4 3.06 in. 10,000 psi Quick union, flange, or Hydraconn connection 1 to 2⅜ in. 340 lbs 42.38 in. 11.40 in.
DSH6 3.06 in. 15,000 psi Quick union, flange, or Hydraconn connection 1 to 2⅜ in. 580 lbs 48.10 in. 12.40 in.
DSA4 4.06 in. 10,000 psi Quick union, flange, or Hydraconn connection 1 to 2⅞ in. 925 lbs 46in. 17.20 in.
DSA6 4.06 in. 15,000 psi Quick union, flange, or Hydraconn connection 1 to 2⅞ in. 775 lbs 48 in. 16.38 in.
  • Side Door Stripper Assembly Data Sheet

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