Single Air Compressor

The Wilco single air compressor skid is used for pneumatic displacement of bulk materials such as cement, sand, drilling mud bulk constituents, or other powdered or granular materials.

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Our Wilco™ unit includes an electric starter, radiator, air cleaner, and emergency kill system. All equipment is mounted on a heavy-duty structural beam-skid with a four-point lift frame. The unit also incorporates a shutdown system and annunciation module for high compressor temperature, high engine coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure, engine underspeed, and low fuel shutdown. The unit will produce 205 ft3/min (348 m3/hr) at 1,072 engine rpm and 30 psi (207 kPa).


  • 30-gallon (114-L) fuel tank
  • Air cooling and moisture separator removal system
  • 5-ft³ (0.270-m³) air receiver tank
  • Air outlet; 3-in. (76.2-mm) kamlock with check valve
  • Wilco Single Air Compressor Flyer
  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure

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