Single-Shot Tubing Punch

The single-shot tubing punch punches through tubing without the aid of explosives.


The single-shot tubing punch is a specialized hydra-mechanical tool that consists of a piston assembly designed to be run with coiled tubing.

The piston assembly is combined with a field-proven wireline-type mechanical punch perforator by a safety shear sub. The tool is capable of perforating most weights/types of tubing for its designed size.

This tool is ideally suited for applications for which it is desirable to communicate through the tubing to the annulus without the aid of explosives. The complete assembly is designed to be run below a standard coiled tubing bottomhole assembly in conjunction with the sequencing tool.


  • Easy to use
  • No explosives required to punch through the tubing
  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

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