Improve the logistics process

The installation methodology with Sjøhest enables splitting tower/nacelle and blade mobilization into separate onshore mobilization hubs. Due to their size, existing and future blades create a huge necessity for space. Furthermore, quayside blade loads are far less than towers and nacelles. The mobilization split creates much more flexibility in the mobilization location and benefits the entire logistics process.


  • Significantly faster installation, resulting in an improved project timeline
  • No need for a bigger crane for loading in port, as blades can be loaded via a roll-on/roll-off system
  • Different ports and locations, from tower and nacelle, can be used to load the jack-up (four sets of blades when using a dedicated new build NG-5500XL)
  • Fleet of smaller jack-ups remains relevant (life extension)
  • Suitable for different sets of blades
  • Ability to be installed on any jack-up vessel
  • Collaboration with Liftra, the #1 in blade handling tools