Skid-Mounted Cement Pumpers render

Skid-Mounted Cement Pumpers

Our Enerflow, Rolligon, and Wilco cement pumpers are designed to meet your operational needs.

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Rolligon skid-mounted cementers

Our Rolligon™ skid-mounted cementers are designed for both portable and permanent offshore applications. Multiskid pump designs are available for installations required below deck through small passageways. Drive systems include both diesel engine/transmission drives as well as electric motor drives. These units come equipped with the patented NOV recirculating mixing system for precise and continuous cement mixing during high-pressure pumping operations. This system can be run either manually or automatically using the NOV continuous automated mixing (CAM™) control system for accurate cement slurry mixtures. A mixing tub provides adequate volume for slurry recirculation and averaging of slurry density based on bulk fluctuations.

Wilco skid-mounted cement pumper

The Wilco™ WCS-250 250-hp skid-mounted cement pumper provides a rugged, versatile, and economical solution for plug and abandonment jobs, squeeze cementing work, conductor casing work, and surface casing jobs. Our 250-hp cement skid mixes and blends cement and can fine-tune previously mixed cement slurry from a batch mixer and displace the blend downhole. Cement is blended with the Gyro-Energy cement mixing head with recirculation and uses agitators in both mix and averaging tanks. The unit is powered by two engines driving a single high-pressure pump along with the centrifugal pumps and agitators.

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