Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit on rig

Skid-Mounted Coiled Tubing Units

Various skid-mounted unit configurations to meet your specific offshore requirements

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We provide skid-mounted coiled tubing units with all levels of certification to operate in any offshore condition, including DNV 2.7.3 Lifting Rules, BP 200 fully certified exhaust gas coolers, complete ATEX certification, and NORSOK certification when required.

Flexibility is key to the design of these units. Major components include a control unit, powerpack, hose reels, tubing reel skid, and equipment baskets for pressure control equipment and injector.

Our complete line of Hydra Rig™ injectors can be certified for offshore use with lifting frames designed to handle full-string weight for use in heave compensation lift frames. Texas Oil Tools™ well control equipment (WCE) available in various sizes and working pressure ratings.

Modular Skid-Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

Three-piece and four-piece configurations available

Our three-piece CTU designs combine the cabin and power pack on a single skid for fewer lifts from the workboat when crane capacity is not a concern.

Our four-piece units have separate modules for the control cabin and the power pack, allowing greater flexibility in equipment layout in tight quarters. Some designs even allow for stacking of equipment to reduce the equipment footprint on the rig. Soundproofed and electric-driven power packs are also available in this configuration.

Dual-Purpose Coiled Tubing Unit

The Hydra Rig dual-purpose CTU is specifically designed with flexibility in mind—for both your onshore and offshore operations.

The modular structure of the dual-purpose CTU is designed with convenient multi-mode transportation and installation in mind, a robust trailer for desert road capability, offshore-ready modules (DNV lift and Zone 2 certified), and large coiled tubing capacities.

Compact Skid-Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

Specifically developed to provide a full-sized but lightweight modular unit, our Hydra Rig compact coiled tubing unit is tailored for offshore projects for where deck space and crane limitations exist. The compact coiled tubing unit can still operate all sizes of tubing reels and Texas Oil Tools™ pressure control equipment.

Wireless Catenary Coiled Tubing Unit

Remain in complete control during a sail-away or disconnect event with our catenary system, which allows the power pack, control cabin, and tubing reel to remain on the barge, workboat, or vessel during intervention operations. The WCE system can be fully maintained from the dedicated power pack located on the platform.

This equipment can also operate as a standard coiled tubing unit when required. Every effort has been made to configure the unit as close to a standard CTU for ease of operation.

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Components of Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit
A rear view of a trailer-mounted Dual-purpose Coiled Tubing Unit
Skid-mounted modular compact Coiled Tubing Unit

Hydra Rig Product Updates

It is our commitment to continue the technological advancement of the trusted Hydra Rig equipment that has been leading the coiled tubing and snubbing industries for decades. Please contact us at [email protected] or +1 817.985.5000 for our latest product updates.

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