Side view of a Skid-Mounted Frac Pumper, taken outside with view of the sky and treetops

Skid-Mounted Frac Pumper

Our skid-mounted fracturing units are designed for a variety of needs—from fixed offshore installations to portable onshore/offshore configurations.

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Our Enerflow™ and Rolligon™ skid-mounted fracturing units are designed to withstand the harsh saltwater environment with superior corrosion resistance. Our skid fracs are designed to meet the available crane capacity and can be incorporated with a crash frame for maximum protection of equipment.


  • Customer-specified engine, transmission, and pump configurations
  • Equipped with advanced digital frac controls for remote control and increased safety functions
  • Offshore corrosion package available
  • Skid crash frames available
  • Optional on-board boost pumps
  • DNV, CE, and other certifications available upon request
  • Equipped with accessible maintenance features for ease of maintenance and extended life
  • Cold weather and desert options available

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