a photograph of a detail of a region of a slick cable pack-off

Slick Cable Pack-Off

Reduce friction and protect smooth-jacketed braided cables during well service operations

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Our Elmar™ slick cable pack-off provides positive protection during well service operations while reducing friction and eliminating well pressure return to the injection unit.

Designed to seal against a moving smooth-jacketed braided cable under pressure, the pack-off uses two individual barriers with optimized packing elements. The lightweight slick cable pack-off independently energizes the rubber elements positioned around the wire, with each element sealing on the slick cable against well pressure while lubricant is pumped to reduce friction. A third, manually adjusted rubber is provided at the top of the assembly for removing fluid from the wire.

Full functionality is provided by complementing the pack-off with a small hydraulic and lubrication control unit or by utilizing individual hand pumps.

The pack-off is available up to 15,000-psi working pressure and for H2S service, and its design allows easy access to line-sized components and quick replacement of the rubber elements.

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