Slimhole Jetting Head Assembly

Prevent backflow in your coiled tubing with the slimhole jetting head assembly.

The slimhole jetting head assembly is the same diameter as the coiled tubing. The flapper check valve cartridge serves as the prime safety barrier to prevent backflow from running up the coiled tubing should control of the pump or ancillary surface equipment be lost.

By incorporating a conventional roll-on connector and facilitating the choice of jetting nozzles, wash tools, or other slimhole tools into the integrated design, the slimhole jetting head assembly becomes the ideal tool for all slimhole applications.

Other sizes are available upon request, together with details of other application tools that can be used with the slimhole jetting head assembly. For larger coil sizes, please see roll-on connectors, twin flapper check valves, and jetting nozzles. When ordering slimhole jetting head assemblies, please specify size and thread connection.


  • One simple roll-on connection to the coiled tubing is used for easy field service.
  • Roll-on connectors are interchangeable to accommodate different coil weights.
  • Twin flapper cartridges are used in the assembly to provide a double safety barrier.
  • Maximum flow area through the flapper cartridges reduces unnecessary backpressure on the surface pumps.
  • The flow path through the flapper cartridges does not restrict the passage of balls or darts used during operations such as cementing.
  • The flapper cartridges are a field-proven construction, featuring the latest material technologies to provide the best possible field life.
  • The unique characteristic of the cartridge and flapper seal is the twin seal. This provides a low-pressure nonstick seal and a high-pressure metal-to-metal seal.
  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

  • TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connectors Data Summary

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