Snubbing Unit

Customized for your specific snubbing operations


Hydra Rig™ snubbing units have earned a reputation worldwide for high performance and versatility in the field. Our fast rig-up is due to the lightweight, compact design and the elimination of the need to “kill” the well. The latest design innovations include the combination split-spool four-way regeneration control valve for smoother, more precise unit control and the newly designed 6,600 ft-lbs dual motor rotary. Units are available in the short-stroke configuration to operate at any wellhead pressure or wellhead height and in the long-stroke configuration for increased tubing running speed.

Our snubbing units are designed to meet your snubbing and hydraulic workover requirements. Custom packages built to your specifications are available with a full line of auxiliary components such as work windows up to 600,00 lbs capacity, high-pressure circulating swivels up to 15,000-psi operating pressure, and skid-mounted mud pump packages. HRS 150 and 225 units are available in heli-transportable models for remote operations. DNV and BP200 certifications are available.


Snubbing Unit Specifications

Data Performance

Model HRS 150

Model HRS 225

Model HRS 340

Model HRS 460

Model HRS 600

Max. pulling capacity

150,000 lbs

225,000 lbs

340,000 lbs

460,000 lbs

600,000 lbs

Max. snubbing capacity

66,000 lbs 

120,000 lbs

188,000 lbs

220,000 lbs

260,000 lbs







Tubing size range

1–2⅞ in.

1–5½ in.

1–7⅝ in.

1–8⅝ in.

1–8⅝ in.

Standard rotary torque

5,000 ft/lbs

5,000 ft/lbs

10,000 ft/lbs

10,000 ft/lbs

20,000 ft/lbs

Standard stroke

10 ft

10 ft

10 ft

10 ft

14 ft




  • Hydra Rig Short Stroke Snubbing Unit Data Sheet

Front-side profile of Rig Snubbing Unit
Front profile of Rig Snubbing Unit

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