SoftSpeed II Stick/Slip Mitigator on screen interface

SoftSpeed II Stick/Slip Mitigator

Improve drilling performance and reduce equipment damage with automated stick/slip mitigation.

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The SoftSpeed™ II stick/slip mitigator from NOV uses automated vibration dampening to mitigate torsional vibration and reduce stick/slip oscillations during drilling operations. The platform provides the analytics and capabilities required to automatically detect and mitigate these stick/slip oscillations, enabling you to maintain drilling efficiency and reduce equipment wear. The auto-tuning feature enables the speed controller to provide optimal dampening to mitigate stick/slip occurrences. the result is a stable, robust, and proven controller built on decades of experience and know-how.

Fully auto tuning

  • Remove manual tracking factors as system automatically detects correct stick/slip frequency
  • Dampens and mitigates stick/slip oscillations to improve wellbore quality, increase WOB to improve ROP, and reduce equipment damage

Intelligent control governance for optimized performance

  • Embedded with multiple features that ensure RPM oscillates in controlled and productive manner
  • Programmed to activate at ideal time in stick/slip cycle to ensure maximum efficacy
  • Automatic analyzer finds optimal parameters to accurately estimate bit rotation speed, reducing transversal drillstring vibrations that can damage equipment or impact drilling performance

Industry-proven, mature, technology

  • Proven system deployed on hundreds of rigs worldwide
  • Relies on robust implementation method and thoroughly validated core algorithm
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Render of SoftSpeed II working underground
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