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SoftSpeed II Stick/Slip Prevention Service

Improve drilling performance and reduce equipment damage with automated stick/slip mitigation.

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M/D Totco's™ SoftSpeed™ II stick/slip prevention service uses automated vibration dampening to mitigate torsional vibration and reduce stick/slip oscillations during drilling operations.

Stick/slip oscillations are severe, self-sustained periodic fluctuations of drill string torque and rotational speed driven by nonlinear downhole friction and characterized by large bit/bottomhole assembly (BHA) speed variations. The SoftSpeed II platform provides the analytics and capabilities required to automatically detect and mitigate these stick/slip oscillations, enabling you to maintain drilling efficiency and reduce equipment wear.

The SoftSpeed II system is activated on demand by the driller, and the system’s analyzer continuously identifies, quantifies, and alerts the driller of torsional vibrations. If the stick/slip severity indicator on the driller’s screen shows a degree of stick/slip, the driller can activate the SoftSpeed II system, and the auto-tuning feature enables the speed controller to provide optimal damping to mitigate stick/slip occurrences. The SoftSpeed II system is designed to be passive and does not inject additional energy into the drill string. The result is a stable, robust, and proven controller built on decades of experience and know-how.

A dedicated user interface provides simple operation as well as access to relevant graphical trends. The service component offers training and support to help you maximize the system’s use and results. A daily SoftSpeed II report is sent to the rig and back-office personnel, keeping your team informed of the service’s usage and performance.


  • Dampens and mitigates stick/slip oscillations
    • Improves borehole quality
    • Allows higher weight on bit to improve rate of penetration
    • Reduces bit/BHA/measurement-while-drilling damage, drill string fatigue, and unscheduled trips
  • Dedicated service for training, rig visits, and reporting
    • Provides efficient acceptance and knowledge management to decrease operational costs
  • Automatic analyzer finds optimal parameters to accurately estimate bit rotation speed
    • Reduces transversal drill string vibrations that can damage equipment or impact drilling performance
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