Solids Handling

Don’t let sand and waste solids get in the way of your production. Our field-proven technologies will integrate seamlessly, taking unwanted solids from production to disposal.


Whether it’s upstream removal to protect equipment, creating tolerance in the production process, or protecting your reservoir from pore blocking, our sand handling technologies will remove the solids from your production fluids. We don’t just supply the equipment; We ensure that you get the process you need. Our Tore™ fluidization device and proprietary separation cyclones are just some of the technologies that guarantee reliable and efficient operation.

Sand Studies and Package Support

There are many designs of sand handling equipment that are installed across the globe from many suppliers and we’ve studied several of them. If you have sand problems and you’re experiencing issues getting your equipment to work, then we can help. We can help you understand limited information; Review the performance of the systems you have and provide help and support to get you running. Whether it’s just quick advice or a detailed study we can look for the underlying causes and find you the most cost-effective solution to achieve your goals.

ToreOVD™ and Jetting

Separators and tanks can be effective at removing sand and solids from the wellstream, but the solids will soon accumulate and reduce the performance of the separator. We can ensure that you keep your vessels running efficiently no matter how high the rate of sand accumulation.

The most robust technology is ToreOVD™. No matter the sand rate or depth of the sand in the vessel the Tore fluidizers will operate reliably, transporting the sand out of the vessel without re-entraining the sand into the produced water stream.

ToreScrub™ Sand Handling Packages and Sand Disposal

The ToreScrub™ is a system designed to process the sand removed from your vessels. Holding volume is provided to receive the slurry when needed, safely, and controlled with minimal process disturbance. The system design gives a controllable, reliable system preventing cyclone or pipeline blockage. Once received the sand is cleaned by the package so it can be discharged or handled safely. We have additional design features with the accompanying bagging frames that stops exposure of the operator to BTX and H2S during the sand disposal.

Sand handling is a batch process that relies on good design to ensure reliability of operation. Whether receiving sand from ToreOVD™ or jetting our design of ToreScrub™ will process your sand with the highest levels of reliability. We’ll be there to support you.

Produced Water Desanding

Sand removal from produced water is frequently required if the water is to be re-injected or must be further treated with an oil polishing technology such as Nutshell Media Filtration. Whatever the requirement, whether it is for onshore or offshore processing, we can provide a robust solution.

Our ToreTrap™ desanding hydrocyclone vessels use ceramic high-performance cyclones that are extremely erosion resistant ensuring a long life. The vessels and liners are designed to provide ease of maintenance and quick change out of liners, maintaining optimum performance.

Plate packs in horizontal vessels are an effective way to reduce sand and oil content of produced water but selecting the correct vessel internals is not straightforward. The highest efficiency plates typically promote unwanted issues such as plate fouling, bridging and blocking of the flow path, resulting in poor oil-water separation and should only be used in the cleanest of processes. Our priority is to give you the solution that helps meet your sand and oil removal specifications whilst providing reliability that minimizes maintenance.

  • Campo La Hocha Case History

  • CPOC Case History

  • IPRC Inline Pressure Reduction Cartridge Data Sheet

  • Martin Linge Case History

  • Mobile Desander Data Sheet

  • Sand Studies Data Sheet

  • Solids Handling Data Sheet

  • ToreOVD Data Sheet

  • ToreScrub Data Sheet

  • ToreScrub Sand Handling Unit Training Flyer

  • ToreTrap Data Sheet

  • ToreTrap Desanding Hydrocyclone Training Flyer

  • Wellhead Cyclonics Data Sheet

ToreScrub package
ToreScrub™ package
ToreTrap produced water skid at night
ToreTrap™ produced water skid
Sand containers
Sand containers
Gun barrels with ToreOVD
Separators with ToreOVD™
10000 PSI wellhead desanders for frac flowback
10,000 PSI wellhead desanders for frac flowback

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