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Drill with confidence in harsh, sour environments

Drill string components are exposed to severe stress conditions when drilling challenging wells. In sour environments, there is the additional need to provide maximum mechanical performance without sacrificing H2S resistance.

Due to limited sour service specifications, the industry has established mechanical and chemistry recommendations through organizational bodies like the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and Canada’s Industry Recommended Practices (IRP). Grant Prideco has extensive experience in manufacturing drill pipe and accessories for sour service applications, and we were the first manufacturer to meet stringent IRP requirements.

Grant Prideco has developed enhanced materials and processes that deliver outstanding performance while resisting sulfide stress cracking. Built on extensive experience, we repackaged our offering into a comprehensive smaller product line, that will better respond to our customers’ needs. Selecting the right drill string is now easier with a line of engineered products that have optimized performance at every level of the NACE environmental severity diagram.

NACE Environmental Severity Diagram

Engineered Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe

H2Shield™ grades maximize tension and torque in each of the three regions of NACE MR0175-2015 diagram of environmental severity.

Region 1 and 2 grades are prequalified at plant level to ensure delivery of a product that will provide the right SSC resistance, with the shortest lead time and cost. This way, we guarantee the best and most economic option.

For region 3 products, SSC resistance is so important that tests must be performed, and every order will be processed with NACE method A, solution A testing of the pipe and tool joints.

We have simplified our offering to provide industry players a chance to align. To satisfy the needs of drilling engineers, we intend to place the correct grade of sour service pipe on rigs or with rental companies.  Reducing combinations of grades will give pipe owners a greater chance of carrying the right grade. 

Customized Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe

CYX™ is a family of grades that allows end users to customize their drill pipe by adjusting a number of parameters. This is particularly suited to operators who understand the balance between the need for strength and SCC resistance, and have run a risk assessment to define the fit-for-purpose product. This  works best for long term development projects in well-known fields.

We allow multiple meaningful variations on the pipe strength (from 105 to 125 ksi), tool joints (from 110 to 130 ksi), and options of prequalified or NACE tested components.

Contact your Grant Prideco representative to further discuss your specific needs.

Sour Service Grades for Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)

H2Shield™ HWDP grades are available for standard and spiral products, designed with tubes that are stronger in tension than the drill pipe and with tool joints of similar strength to maximize the MUT of connections. These HWDP are offered in 3 grades that match the drill pipe environmental severity regions of the NACE diagram.

XD™ 90  HWDP offers the strongest tensile capacity but reduced connection performance as a region 3 product.

IRP and Other Industry Sour Service Grade for Drill Pipe and HWDP

IRP SS Grades are now integrated into our range of H2Shield™ products for region 3. They are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the stringent Canadian industry recommended practice (IRP) requirements. These use special alloy materials and advanced heat treatment processes to maximize SSC resistance for the highly concentrated H2S environments of region 3.

Other specifications can be offered including the API specification 5DP sour service grades, TH Hill TS1 and Fearnley Procter NS1 sour pipe grades.


NACE Specifications for Grant Prideco Sour Service Grades

The below table represents NACE specifications for Grant Prideco sour service grades. Note that conventional API high-strength grades consistently fail NACE testing.
Region Product Grade name Tube/Tool Joint SMYS (ksi) SSC resistance validation
1 drill pipe H2Shield 105 MS 105/120 or 130 Prequalified at region 1 border
1 drill pipe H2Shield 135 MS 135/120 or 130 Prequalified at region 1 border
1 HWDP H2Shield 55 MS 55/ 120 or 130 Prequalified at region 1 border
2 drill pipe H2Shield 120 S 120/120 Prequalified at region 2 border
2 drill pipe H2Shield 125 S 125/120 Prequalified at region 2 border
2 HWDP H2Shield 55S 55/120 Prequalified at region 2 border
3 drill pipe H2Shield 95 SS 95/110 Order testing to NACE method A, solution A
3 drill pipe H2Shield™ 105 SS 105/110 Order testing to NACE method A, solution A
3 HWDP H2Shield™ 55 SS 55/110 Order testing to NACE method A, solution A
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