Specialty Protectors

Safeguard a variety of industry tubulars and accessories from damage.


Tuboscope’s MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers a variety of pipe protection products to help ensure that your valuable assets remain intact. Whether you need to protect rods for your artificial lift systems or want to keep your perforating charges moisture-free, MSI carries four lines of specialty protectors to help you deliver protected pipe in any situation.

LinePro line pipe protectors

The LinePro series of nonthreaded pipe caps are made to protect the ends and openings of your line pipe. As a more rugged and heavy-duty offering than traditional nonthreaded caps, our LinePro product is constructed to provide you the best fit and longest wear for your line pipe protection.

LinePro features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Complete protection for bevelled and plain-end pipe
  • Easy installation/removal
  • Available in closed-end designs
  • Available in liftable or nonliftable designs
  • 100% recyclable
  • Size ranges: 23/8 to 24 in.

SealTite perforating gun thread protectors

For more than two decades, Tuboscope’s MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has manufactured perforating gun thread protectors for the oil and gas industry. Our propriety SealTite thread protectors provide superior thread engagement and offer the safety and design features you’ve relied on for years. MSI’s goal is to ensure that the many vital components within your perforating gun remain free from moisture and outside elements.

SealTite Features and Benefits

  • Standard black color; custom color options available on request
  • Protection options available for both external and internal threads
  • Complete coverage of the threaded area
  • O-ring options
  • Most styles can accommodate installation equipment
  • Materials include – high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene
  • Size ranges: 11/16 to 7 in.; custom sizes also available

Sucker rod thread protectors

Our heavy-duty caps protect your sucker rods from elemental damage, as well as maintain the longevity of their performance. Rounded internal ribs make installation and removal both easy and safe for your pins, while the basic design of the plug protects the coupling.

Sucker rod thread protection features include:


  • Excellent impact protection
  • Crack prevention
  • Secure fit due to wide internal ribs
  • Full coverage of the threaded area
  • Compatible with specialized tools or 12-point socket tools for removal
  • HDPE material provides increased durability


  • Coupling thread protection
  • Keeps coupling free of debris and foreign objects

BOSS Lift lifting bails

Our BOSS Lift lifting bail is manufactured according to ASTM A27 Grade 60-30 specifications and machined to meet current API thread connection standards. Both the threads and shoulders are precision machined and feature phosphate-coated threads for added corrosion protection. Our BOSS Lift technology is commonly used to handle tool joints, stabilizers, subs, drill pipe, collars, and bits.

BOSS Lift features and benefits

  • High-visibility orange color
  • Specialty paint finish for long-lasting color
  • Manufactured to three-times safe-working load
  • Size and connection stamped on each bail
  • Serial number stamped on each bail for traceability
  • Material test certificate provided with each bail
  • Common API connections: 23/8 to 133/8 in.
  • Customized thread connections and sizes upon request

Quick-LOC tubing and casing protectors

Our Quick-LOC protectors protect pipe threads during the transportation of pipe from the rack to the rig floor. The latch’s quick action allows locking and unlocking, ensuring that our Quick-LOC technology can be rapidly installed or removed from the pipe.

Quick-LOC features and benefits

  • Adjusting latch for easy application and removal
  • Includes adjustment tool for latch
  • Durable, heavy-duty plastic
  • Long shelf life
  • Nonthreaded
  • Used to protect external tubing and casing threads
  • Customized thread connections and sizes upon request
  • BOSS Lift Flyer

  • Perforating Gun Protection Flyer

  • Sucker Rod Protection Flyer

angeled view of sucker rod caps
overhead view of sealtite custom thread protectors
red sealtite custom thread protector
green linepro non threaded pipe caps

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