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Square poles

Square Concrete Poles

Ameron square concrete poles provide your community with both style and safety.

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Ameron™ square concrete poles are the cornerstone of our local communities to provide a modern, yet classic and stylish design that light the way along pathways, streets, and parks. Square poles are the perfect solution that merge function, safety, and beauty.

Prestressed, spun-cast concrete poles are designed for the ultimate strength, resilience, and durability, providing the optimal appearance over time.

Our innovative concrete poles and products are available in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and finishes to meet and exceed your design needs with a quality that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, our unique anti-graffiti coating, provides additional ease of maintenance and lasting beauty.

  • Ameron Centrecon Pole Series Catalog
  • Ameron Contemporary Pole Series Catalog
  • Ameron Centrecon M Series Square Poles Data Sheet
  • Ameron Centrecon S Series Square Poles Data Sheet
  • Ameron Contemporary Series 1C5 0C5 Square Poles Data Sheet
  • Ameron Contemporary Series 1C8 0C8 Square Poles Data Sheet
  • Ameron Square Louvered Bollard Data Sheet
  • Ameron Square Wood-Grain Bollard Data Sheet
Square pole
Residential Lighting Designs
Square Concrete MBQ05 in Redmond Washington
Transit Lighting
Black square pole
Roadway Lighting
Square pole in Las Vegas
Streetlights and Public Safety
Closeup of texture on Square pole in Riverpark
Outdoor Light Pole
Sqaure pole in Arizona Paradise Valley
Desert Lighting Solutions
Closeup texture of sqaure pole in Arizona Paradise Valley
Colorful Concrete Lighting
Square pole
Park Light Pole

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