Standard Oil Reservoir Gland (ORG)

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  • Designed for use on problem wells that pump or flow off
  • Holds one quart of 30W motor oil (or other viscosity as necessary for extreme high or low temperature applications)
  • ¾" NPT Port for installation of APA control device (Note: Cannot be used with leak detector)
  • Top-split cone wiper controls oil film on polished rod
  • Modified version available for Hercules™ IVSB, IVSBT, and IVDPSB models
  • Optional for all Hercules classic models
  • Rod sizes: 1, 1⅛, 1¼, 1 516, 1⅜, 1 716, 1½, and 1¾ in.
  • Material: ductile iron Standard ORG cap and drain nipple capture oil that escapes past loose or worn wiper cone
  • LUG gland cap option recommended to prevent water from prematurely shutting down well

Note: Cannot be used with leak detector.

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