A Stationary Cement Plant at night

Stationary Cement Plant

We build pressure, vacuum, and non pressure bulk and tank systems to our proven designs or custom per your requirements.


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Designed and configured for permanent plant installations.

We design and manufacture systems to meet ASME, DOT, USCG, or other applicable design requirements. We have built bulk systems and vessels for over 30 years. We have the manufacturing technology, experience, and skilled craftsmen to ensure superior quality that meets your requirements.

Utilizing our engineering experience, we have customizable stationary bulk plant solutions to meet your operational needs. This complete system comprises controls, bulk storage tanks, scale tanks, blend tanks, waste tanks, dust collectors, electronic weighing system and a scale system, and pressure additive hopper to ensure proper storage and precise blending of bulk material.

Bulk storage tank – Our engineering team can customize the number and size of bulk storage tanks (up to 2,560 ft3) of a non pressure system design. With all the hardware, these tanks are designed to load and unload via pneumatic conveying efficiently.

Bulk scale tank and electronic weighing system – The scale tank and the electronic weighing system allow for precise measurement of bulk cement and additives for the job design requirements. With 60,000-lb and 400-ft3 volume capacities, cement can be quickly measured using a digital indicator, ticket printer, load cells, and interconnecting wiring. The scale system is approved for the measurement of bulk material weight for sale.

Bulk blend tank – The bulk blend tank allows for homogeneous mixing of the bulk cement and additives before offloading into bulk haulers that transport the cement blend to the wellsite. The 400-ft3 ASME Code tank includes a complete aeration system to fluidize bulk material for pneumatic discharge.

Waste tank – The waste tank allows for the storage of any unused bulk waste or trash cement, providing adequate storage volume up to 1,200 ft3 until the material can be hauled off for disposal.

Pressure additive hopper – Use our additive hopper to convey dry bulk materials into the scale tank pneumatically.

Control panel – Our stainless-steel control panel is designed for operating bulk systems from the inside of the control house. The panel is assembled with pneumatic lever switches to operate the required bulk system valves, lights to indicate the open valves, and gauges to indicate pressure or vacuum for each vessel and compressor.

Pneumatic system – We have engineered our pneumatic system to optimize product transfer throughout the system.  It includes vacuum compressors, rotary screw compressors, blowers, air reservoirs, air dryers, coolers, dust collectors, fill/discharge manifolds, vents, valving to interconnect tanks for the blending process.

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An aerial view of a Stationary Cement Plant
A sunrise view of a Wilco Stationary Cement Plant

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