Stator Measurement Tools

Accurately and easily measure downhole motor stators using our Stator Measurement Tools.


Our Stator Measurement Tools (SMT) provide an easy and accurate method to measure downhole motor stator sizes. These tools are manufactured to a tight tolerance and offer precise measurement to an accuracy of ±0.002 in. with a very high rate of repeatability.

Accurately measuring rotor and stator clearance to adjust interference for elevated hole temperatures greatly increases stator life. Adequate temperature compensation can even result in successful motor performance at temperatures that exceed manufacturer recommendations.


  • Easy to use – Measurements can be taken easily by one person
  • Compact design – Can be collapsed for quick and easy storage to prevent damage when not in use
  • Precise measurements – Determine initial stator and rotor interference for quality assurance and evaluate the need for interference adjustments for hot-hole conditions
  • Reliable performance – Enable monitoring of stator wear life with successive measurements between field runs
  • Stator and Rotor Measuring Tools Spec Sheet

A closeup of the end of a Stator Measurement Tool
A series of short tubes used for measuring
A Stator Measurement Tool on a table