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Steel Distribution Poles silhouette sunset

Steel Distribution Poles

A durable and lightweight alternative to wood and concrete poles.

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Strengthen your grid-hardening initiatives

Our recyclable, preservative-free steel distribution poles are an excellent alternative to wood poles. Unlike wood poles, our steel products are not susceptible to woodpeckers, termites, and other forms of degradation. Our steel distribution poles also offer a level of fire resistance for many areas.

Steel poles are much stronger than wood and are engineered to meet specific wood pole moment capacity. Because of their strength, our steel poles can support longer spans of overhead lines when compared with wood, making them an excellent choice for grid hardening initiatives.

At 30-40% lighter than wood and 80% lighter than many concrete poles, steel poles are much safer and less costly to install. The poles can be galvanized and epoxy coated for embedment according to a utility’s needs and environmental conditions. They can also be configured for climbing, line design, and equipment mounting configurations.

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