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Steel Poles at sunset

Steel Traffic Structures

Ameron™ steel traffic poles and mast arm structures support streetlights, signal lights, traffic camera mountings, signs, and other components for a complete traffic control system.

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Keeping drivers safe and traffic flowing

Lighting roadways and providing signalization of intersections are important to the safety of the general public. We work closely with departments of transportation, counties, and cities to understand the regionals standards and requirements for every project. The ensures that we can provide the optimal solutions and meet budgetary and lead time goals.

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  • An Experts Guide to Light Poles from Green Building and Design
Steel Traffic structure in S Jordan City

Steel traffic structures serve many purposes related to improving public safety and quality of life for the communities we serve.

  • Traffic control
  • Lighting
  • General public safety and crime reduction
  • Emergency vehicle safety
  • Weather detection
  • Decorative, beautifying elements
Steel Pole looking up

Features and benefits

  • Supports traffic control via signalization and signage, illumination, safety, and weather detection
  • Rigorous quality control ensures consistency in appearance, durability, and reliable longevity
  • Manufactured with low carbon steel
  • Melted and made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured to meet AASHTO, DOT, state, county, or city specification standards
  • Galvanized finish to ASTM A123
  • Paint or powder coat finishes available
  • Ability to bend large arms
  • Welding in accordance with the latest edition of the AWS D1.1 specification
  • AISC Certified

Ameron Steel Poles

Learn about our rich history of manufacturing steel poles and traffic structures. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we’re passionate people making quality steel poles and delivering our products with world-class customer service.

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