Stern Discharge System

The Stern Discharge System (SDS) is installed in the aft end of an FPSO and FSO unit to provide for offloading to shuttle tankers or standard trading tankers.


The hose assembly on the SDS is stored on a dedicated hose reel, enabling rapid and safe deployment. The system also incorporates a vertical drum mooring and hawser handling winch specifically designed for tandem mooring. The mooring operation is significantly simplified, with the winch storing chain and rope on the same drum. To avoid wear on the soft mooring hawser, both chafing chains are stored in a special recess at the bottom flange. The vertical drum construction also prevents chain fall-off, a common problem for horizontal drum winches. The SDS contains a ball joint for “moment-free” termination of the loading hose, thus protecting it from excessive strain.

  • APL Mooring and Loading Systems Brochure

APL Stern Discharge System aft at sea
APL Stern Discharge System in yard night
APL Stern Discharge System connected to tanker
APL Stern Discharge System render

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