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Stimulation Data Acquisition Controls System

Hardware-based acquisition system to bring in raw signal data, scale, and display actual values

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Our Rolligon™ data acquisition controls system (DAS) is our hardware-based acquisition system to bring in raw signal data, scale, and display actual values. 
This system can be customized to fit frac vans, acidizing, coiled tubing support pump, cementing, and any miscellaneous data acquisition requirements. These controls display all real-time process data and relay them to DASTRAC for job reporting and data storage.


  • Multichannel inputs: analog, frequency, PWM, and digital
  • Multiple local or remote display options
  • Up to 40 input channels
  • Basic nitrogen rate calculation
  • Totals rate inputs
  • Digital OPSD output
  • PPA concentration calculations for up to three densitometers
  • Works with transmitter-less Thermo Fischer Scientific and Berthold densitometers
  • Sends wellhead pressures to the VERSAFRAC system
  • Portable options
  • Multiple parallel data transmission protocols: CAN, ethernet, and serial 
  • Wireless option available 
  • Integrated data acquisition system that feeds data to the primary DASTRAC system 
  • Lifetime maintenance and software license 
  • GoConnect compatible

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