A subsea automated pig launcher setup on the seafloor

Subsea Automated Pig Launcher

Maximize flowline flexibility with our subsea automated pig launcher and flexible pipe systems.

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Our subsea automated pig launcher (SAPL) solution enables operational pigging without vessel or remote-operated vehicle (ROV) support during pigging. A key aspect of the system is that it eliminates the need for a second flowline just to enable pigging and wax handling. It also reduces the number of days required for vessel mobilization compared with a conventional subsea pigging system, improving safety due to less lifting operations and no hazardous fluid handling and reducing the risk of backflow on-board the service vessel. The automated pig launcher encourages frequent pigging to avoid blockages and production shutdowns and improve the integrity level.

The SAPL is mounted on a subsea structure and loaded with pigs from a retrievable cassette. The cassette can house a number of pigs, which can be launched individually from shore or platform at a desired time. 


  • Subsea launching; no platform required
  • Remote launching; no vessel or ROV required
  • Multiple-pig cassette; reduced number of trips by service vessel
  • No round-trip pigging required; improved production uptime and no need for dual pipelines
  • Inspection pigging with the same unit
  • RFO operations possible with ROV support/control only

Simplifies operations related to:

  • Precommissioning and commissioning
  • Wax control
  • Slug control
  • Intelligent pigging (inspection)
  • Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) - JIP Flyer
  • Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) Flyer
A subsea automated pig launcher waiting for deployment inside a warehouse

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