Subsea Isolation Valves

Put safety first with our subsea isolation valves.


We developed our subsea isolation valve (SSIV) with a focus on safety. An SSIV creates a safety barrier in case part of a flowline needs to be shut down.

The main purpose of an SSIV is to protect the platform and its personnel from the unintended release of hydrocarbons. The SSIV is designed to be fail safe and will close upon loss of an active signal from the emergency shutdown (ESD) system. The SSIV can be installed as a standalone module or as an integrated component with, for example, a pipeline end manifold (PLEM) or a riser base. It may be designed to be retrieved separately or as part of a pipeline or structure. The valve actuator is normally retrievable. The SSIV is typically SIL 2 rated.


  • Effective well control with unsurpassed reliability
  • Protects platform and its personnel from unintended release of hydrocarbons
  • Enhances safety during operation
  • Reduces environmental risk
  • Reduces time and cost by minimizing interventions
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