Subsea Quick Latch

Our subsea quick latch is a rugged connector designed for multiple subsea latch and unlatch connections.

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The latch can be stabbed at an angle due to the tapered design that guides the stinger into the connector and into the seal bore during the stab operation. The quick latch is hydraulically operated and uses a set of locking dogs to lock the two pieces of equipment together.

The locking dogs work independently and are not affected by the wellbore pressure. A spring mechanism holds the piston and tool in the locked position and is unaffected by water depth. A visual indicator and lock prevent the tool from accidently opening during unintended loss of hydraulic pressure.


  • Working pressures of 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 psi
  • Working temperature of -4 to 250 °F (with options for 300 °F)
  • Elastomer wellbore seals
  • Bore sizes: 5.120, 7.060, and 7.375 in.
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Visual indicators
  • Fail-safe closed
  • Quick subsea installation
  • Safe and reliable connection
  • Allows multiple connections in subsea environment
  • Provides a connection so that subsea wireline tools can be run into the well


  • Metal-to-metal wellbore seals
  • Manual locking mechanism
  • Inconel inlay
  • Rotational alignment
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