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Tie-in system, SPS integrated deliveries render

Subsea tie-back integrated deliveries

Deliver integrated solutions for subsea tie-backs which lower cost and saves time.

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Reusing existing infrastructure by developing small & marginal tie-backs reduces the CO2 footprint and improves the energy efficiency of subsea oil & gas production. We provide integrated solutions using key in-house technologies: flexible pipe, diverless tie-in, and subsea pipeline structures.

With an outstanding track record of subsea deliveries, we develop cost-effective and installation-friendly solutions giving our clients superior flexibility at the installation stage of their projects.


  • Reduced interfaces and client teams
  • Optimized delivery schedule
  • Improved logistics and mobilization with terminations delivered on reel
  • Combined offshore support crew for flexibles and tie-ins

Key benefits of NOV diverless tie-in with termination integrated in flexible pipe end-fitting

Reduction of size and weight

Termination and porch have compact design, which gives a reduction in size and weight of the subsea structure and the reel packed flexible pipe.

Reduction of hub loads

Termination is located around the End-fitting, which reduces overall length and weight of the assembly.

Reduction of testing

Termination design eliminates traditional flange to flange connection, hence the testing of it

No need for flexible handling head

Termination is designed with trunnions for handling with slings during the installation

Savings on time during the subsea tie-in operation

Termination design allows end-fitting to swivel, which removes restriction on torsion during the handling and making tie-in operation fast and efficient.

One less leak path

No flange to flange connection between end-fitting and termination

Reel with flexible pipe
Flexible pipe end-fitting with integrated termination assembled
Deployment of subsea manifold just before entering the water
Deployment of subsea manifold as it's being submerged in water
Flexible pipe end-fitting with integrated termination assembled
Manifolds and reels
Underwater image of gas lift flexible flowline installation
Connected flexible pipe

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