Subsea Triple Stripper

Designed to pack-off on coiled tubing as it is stripped in and out of the well at working pressures up to 10,000 psi

Render of Subsea Triple Stripper
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The DZA4 subsea modular triple stripper packer design provides three independent hydraulically actuated packers within the same body, enabling you to use one packer while the others are held in reserve.

When the first packer is unable to affect a seal, the second packer is actuated. Once the second cannot affect a seal, the third packer is actuated.

This effectively triples the time between packer changes, making changing packers particularly advantageous when done with tubing in the well. The stripper is designed to create a dynamic seal around the work string while maintaining 10,000 psi full-differential wellbore pressure. With the appropriate packing element and bushings, the stripper will be compatible with pipe sizes ranging from 1 to 2⅞ in.

The unique aspect of this design is it is a modular concept; each additional packer required is just adding it into the stack.


  • Triple-packer arrangement
  • Extended-life packers
  • Corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) materials for dynamic and static sealing areas
  • CRA hydraulic ports
  • Rated for 10,000 ft water depth
  • Expanded access for packer replacement


  • API PR2 qualification
  • API hyperbaric tested to 10,000 ft water depth
  • Texas Oil Tools Subsea Well Intervention Equipment Catalog

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