Seabox module on offshore platform preparing for installation subsea

Subsea Water Treatment Applications

We make subsea water treatment possible for greenfield and brownfield applications across the world.

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Our subsea water treatment technology can serve different types of field applications ranging from greenfield to brownfields, both in shallow and deep waters across the world,  either with a standalone Seabox™ subsea water treatment module or together with subsea filtration and membrane solutions. The modules can also be combined with topside processing plants.


The Seabox module assists in optimizing the operator's waterflooding strategy. By disinfecting the raw seawater and sedimentation, the Seabox module provides sterile water with a particle size down to approximately 8.5µm. The module can be placed next to the wellhead, injecting water to the reservoir to improve the sweep efficiency and provide pressure support for enhanced oil recovery.

The Seabox module can inject water straight into the well without an injection pump. This is a solution called dump flood. When production has been done exclusively by depletion, reservoirs are often left with a pressure considerably lower than the hydrostatic pressure. This allows for injecting water without adding pressure with a pump. The injected water can improve the recovery of oil by gravity itself.

Water intake

The Seabox module can be added as a pretreatment step to an existing topside facility water processing plant. The module will be located subsea at the foot of the facility, feeding water to the existing processing plant. The Seabox module feeds disinfected and particle-reduced water topside for continued water treatment step injection or feeding a topside injector.

Adding a Seabox module as a pretreatment step can improve the filtration lifetime, reducing the maintenance intervals and downtime on the topside facility and reducing the biocide usage. This is an alternative for a rapidly improved oil recovery strategy when needed, optimizing the use of an existing facility while getting more out of the reservoir.


Our subsea water treatment technology enables the development of marginal assets through subsea tiebacks, allowing water injection next to the injection well. By adding a Seabox module or further tailoring of the water through the different SWIT™ applications, the operator is given the freedom needed to otherwise develop marginal assets. Our water treatment technology eliminates the need for long, high-pressure pipelines to transfer water to the well. The water treatment solutions are decoupled from the topside infrastructure, enabling larger step-outs and making water treatment an option for marginal fields.

In addition, with the low power consumption and zero added chemical and flexible step-out, the Seabox subsea water treatment module can improve recovery rates for that marginal discovery. The solution offered also enables the operator to tailor the water quality for injection on marginal assets where scaling issues occur or the need to alter the wettability in the reservoir is required.

We are capable of making water injection possible on marginal field developments, enabling flexible tieback solutions.

Main Seaback tieback in operation subsea
Seabox module installed on the seafloor

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