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Line of epoxy-coated sucker rods

Sucker Rod Corrosion Control

Extend rod string life and mitigate corrosion with our advanced Tuboscope coating options for sucker rods.

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Combat corrosion with superior coating performance

Protecting sucker rods is critical to extending rod string life in highly corrosive environments and harsh pumping conditions. Tuboscope coatings for corrosion protection are proven to extend your rod string's life in downhole environments.

Our stainless-steel/epoxy coating (SS/EC) integrates a sprayed stainless-steel barrier with epoxy top-coated resins to deliver record-breaking performance in the most abrasive well conditions. The SS/EC double-strength interlocking shield protects against downhole corrosion while also resisting the abuse of everyday oilfield handling. Tuboscope SS/EC rods balance durability with flexibility to consistently outlast the competition.

Modified epoxy

As the premier choice for high-volume, hard-to-treat wells, modified epoxy coating extends rod life by protecting sucker rods in corrosive conditions. TK-Coatings increase your used rod inspection recovery rate, reduce downtime and rod pulling due to failure, and protect guided rods from corrosion attacks due to turbulent flow.

Stainless steel

Stainless-steel (SS) coating protection increases rod string life six to 10 times in severe cases. Durable and flexible with superior chemical resistance, SS is designed for CO2, limited H2S, and salt H2O service. Stainless-steel coated rods require no special handling; use API recommended practice for bare rods.

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Sucker rod being coated in epoxy coating for corrosion control
Sucker rods coated with spray metal for corrosion control

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