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Sucker Rod Inspection Service technician at workstation

Sucker Rod Inspection Services

Tuboscope sucker rod inspection services offer the most cost-effective method to extend sucker rod longevity, lower lifting costs, and reduce downtime.

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Sucker rods are a simple but very critical component to complete the process of bringing product out of the ground for delivery to the market. Tuboscope’s comprehensive sucker rod inspection and reclamation services are designed to maximize sucker rod life cycle as well as reduce downtime and well operating expenses.

Our proper inspection techniques identify which rods are suitable for further service, limited service, or which need to be removed from service and discarded. All inspections are performed by ASNT-qualified Level I and II inspectors using Tuboscope’s proven technologies, proprietary inspection equipment, and software.

Our critical inspection process for new and used sucker rods includes: 

  • Full-length visual
  • Rod diameter measurement (cross-sectional area)
  • Computerized sucker rod inspection (EMI)/eddy current for surface defect detection (pits, cuts, gouges, and wear)
  • Seating and thread area inspection
  • Grading and color coding to API specification
  • Coupling inspection and reconditioning
  • Special end area inspection

Full-service rod program

  • Transportation to and from the location, yard, or wellsite
  • Cleaning
  • Shot cleaning
  • Full-length visual inspection
  • Coupling removal and inspection
  • Computerized sucker rod inspection (EMI)
  • Pin and face inspection/demagnetization
  • Inhibitor coating
  • Grading/color coded
  • Inspection reports
  • Rod identification – tagging system
  • Bundling, storage, and inventory management (Tuboscope GOLD)
  • Special end area inspection
  • Rod guide application
  • Rod Guide Advisory Program (RGAP)

Associated sucker rod services

  • Rod guide recommendation
  • Rod recovery analysis
  • Rod guide calibrating
  • NORM testing
  • Pony rods and sinker bars
  • Shot-blasting
  • Straightening
  • Coupling inspection, removal, and replacement
  • Bolstering or palletizing
  • Tally
  • Storage
  • Transportation in select areas
  • Buy/sell programs for used rods in select areas

Poor care and handling of your rod products will shorten sucker rod life. In addition to our inspection and reclamation services, we provide customers care and handling best practices to prevent rod damage and frequent workovers.

Contact your local Tuboscope representative for information about these services in your area.

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  • Tuboscope Production Services Catalog
  • Sucker Rod Services Spec Sheet
  • Tuboscope Artificial Lift Technologies Catalog
Sucker Rod Inspection under blacklight
Sucker Rod end caps

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