SURESET Liner Hanger Packer

Complete liner hanger system built on a one-piece mandrel with no internal connections


Integrated liner hanger packer

Designed for high differential pressures, the SURESET™ liner hanger packer is a complete liner hanger system built on a one-piece mandrel with no internal connections. The SURESET includes a packing element, an integral packoff nipple profile, and the hanger.

The hanger may be set using a hydraulic cylinder or, in some sizes, a mechanical set option is available. Tested to the latest API 19LH standards, the SURESET packing element is available in multiple elastomer options for various applications and is activated with set down weight using a packer actuator. In addition to the internal snap ratchet, the hold-down slips keep the SURESET element in position against high differential pressures.

The hanger portion of the SURESET contains slips that are fully recessed into a special profile in the rotating body to ensure trouble-free installation and uniform load distribution in the setting section. In both the set and un-set positions, the SURESET liner hanger packer allows for high bypass, ensuring low ECDs (equivalent circulating density).

Features and benefits

  • Hydraulic set as standard; mechanical set available
  • Eliminates potential leak path between hanger and packer
  • Fully pocketed slips for running in challenging conditions
  • Non-rotating and rotating during cementing options available
  • 10,000 psi API 19LH V1 or 10,000psi API 19LH V2 tested rating in most sizes
  • Integrated packoff nipple
  • Large annular flow area in set and unset positions
  • Internal body lock ring positively locks in applied setting force to packing element
  • Capable of hanging long, heavy liners with enhanced hanging capacity and multi-cone options

Thread Connections

  • Standard VAM 21/VAM TOP
  • Other premium connections available upon request
  • BTC, LTC


  • L80, L80 13Cr, T95, C110, P110, Q125, SM2535/VM28
  • Other materials available upon request
  • SURESET Liner Hanger Packer Spec Sheet

  • Geothermal Well Construction Products Brochure

  • Refrac Liner Bakken Case Study

  • SURESET Liner System Saves Cost and Improves Productivity Case Study

  • Sustainable Greenhouses Hoogweg Case Study

Close side view of the SURESET Liner Hanger Packer
Side view of a SURESET Liner Hanger Packer
Close up of a SURESET Liner Hanger Packer
Extreme close up of a SURESET Liner Hanger Packer
Underside close up of a SURESET Liner Hanger Packer
Angled close up of a SURESET Liner Hanger Packer

Geothermal Technologies

We have specialized in geothermal technologies for more than a decade, with experience in completing wellbores in hundreds of geothermal installations for projects ranging from heating villages in small communities to highly prolific electrical generation and heating projects for farming communities, regional governments, and major international companies. We have extensively supported the geothermal industry with more than 220 successful geothermal-specific liner hanger systems and well construction installations for more than 50 customers in nine countries, proving that we understand the unique conditions and challenges for geothermal applications and regularly provide solutions to meet these needs.

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