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Swivel Joints and Loops

We supply a full range of Anson swivel joints with either journal-bearing or ball-bearing articulation along with cementing and circulating loops.

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Swivel joints

Our Anson™ swivel joints are designed to provide freedom of movement when making up temporary pipework. Designed using materials and processes to last longer in the harshest environments—including well service and drilling applications—our full range of Anson swivel joints in both journal- and ball-bearing designs allows low-torque rotation within a high-pressure flowline setup.

Our swivel joints are available in various sizes and in a number of swivel styles suitable for either standard or sour service.

Journal-bearing swivel joint

Our Anson journal-bearing swivel joints are available in long-radius or short-radius options. The journal-bearing design increases the life of the swivel and greatly reduces maintenance time.

The swivel elbows are forged, one-piece construction, and end connections are original Anson. Extended design life, low-cost spare parts, and quick maintenance make this one of the most cost-effective swivels in the market.


  • Aluminum bronze bushing designed to extend the overall life of the connection.
  • Proven seal technology
  • Nonsegmented and segmented options available
  • Low-torque operation
  • Forged, one-piece swivel elbows

Ball-bearing swivel joint

Our ball-bearing swivel joints are available in either Tri-Race or Quadrace designs. Proprietary hardened ball-bearing tracks provide continuous smooth articulation using proven seal technology between connections. They are designed to reduce wear under high-pressure abrasive service specifically for pressure pumping and cementing applications.

Our Tri-Race swivel joint has three ball-bearing filled tracks for low-torque rotation. The ball raceway incorporates an integrated grease track to prolong periods between maintenance. Proprietary alloy steel and heat treatment process gives superior case hardness and core toughness.

Our Quadrace swivel joint is designed for larger sizes (4 to 8 in.) and incorporates four ball-bearing filled tracks.


  • Proven seal technology
  • Non-segmented and segmented options available
  • Low-torque operation
  • Design suitable for vibration seen in fracturing service
  • Streamlined disassembly process for easier maintenance operations
  • Designed for smooth rotation throughout service life
  • Forged, one-piece swivel elbows

Cementing and circulating hoses (loops)

We provide a complete range of steel cementing and circulating hoses, also referred to as loops. These loops incorporate Anson swivels and pup joints into one complete assembly and are suitable for use up to 15,000-psi working pressure as well as both standard and sour gas service. We have hoses available in 2- and 3-in. diameters, with the most popular lengths being 10 ft and 12 ft.

2inch long life swivel cutout
Red swivel joint
Green anson swivel joint and loop
Render of swivel joint
Interior render of swivel joint

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