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Tall and Oversized Fiberglass Structures

Fiber Glass Systems stacks and chimney liners to fit all needs.

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Shop Size Tanks and Vessels (up to 21’ 6” ID)

Tanks, vessels, ducting and scrubbers are designed to handle a wide variety of dynamic, hydrostatic loads and chemical environments. Such processing systems also find use as absorbers, de-misters, air strippers and bleach towers. Fiber Glass Systems offers you the most customized and flexible production and delivery processes available today.

Typical tank and tower systems, including the supplemental components, can be fabricated in virtually any shape or configuration, demonstrating the flexibility inherent with FRP composites.

Using our proprietary technology, Fiber Glass Systems has the ability to manufacture systems in our plant then transport them safely to your site. For larger installations, we have the unique ability to build on-site to your exact specifications.

Stacks and Chimney Liners

Fiber Glass Systems designs, manufactures and installs FRP stacks and chimney liners as large as 42 feet in diameter and 1,200 plus feet tall and depending on the chemical environment, we can accommodate for fume temperatures up to 375°F.

Configuration options include guy-wired, laterally supported, base supported, caged or hung in tension. Each stack or chimney liner can incorporate thermal insulation, lightning protection, moisture collection and grounding systems.

Bleach Tower Replacements

Of special interest to the Pulp and Paper Industry is our proven ability to replace unserviceable bleaching towers within outage times typical of routine maintenance. We will demolish worn-out upflow and downflow towers of tiled steel and install new FRP towers on the same foundations — all in just seven to ten days under normal conditions. And FRP bleaching towers not only ward off corrosion internally and externally — for extended life and reduced maintenance — they weigh so much less than tilelined steel that larger towers can be installed with no foundation alterations. That added capacity can pay annual dividends in lower overall operating costs.

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