Tektonic Drill Bits

Achieve maximum drilling efficiency with the latest generation of polycrystalline diamond cutter (PDC) drill bit technology.

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Every Tektonic™ drill bit is specifically tailored to your operation with designs that are optimized for every part of the drilling process.

Our ReedHycalog™ Tektonic drill bits are tailored and optimized for your application, helping you achieve maximum efficiency. Featuring advanced bit body geometry and the latest generation of PDC technology, our drilling bits increase your rate of penetration (ROP), minimize nonproductive time (NPT), and deliver lower cost per foot, improving the performance of your operation.

Tektonic drill bits have been proven in field runs around the globe, achieving numerous field records to date. With the expertise of our regional design engineers, we can help you tailor the bit to your formation to get the best results.

Targeting your regional needs

Because downhole conditions and well geology differ in formations around the world, we’re taking a more intelligent approach to how we develop our drill bits. Leveraging the proven Tektonic platform, we’ve designed drill bits that overcome specific challenges in your region and improve your overall drilling performance.

Our regional drill bit series incorporates a specialized combination of ION™ cutters, torque control components, and improved hydraulics to deliver greater reliability and effectiveness. To date, we’ve seen great success with our recently released Falcon™ drill bit for the Middle East and the Fuego™ drill bit for Latin America. Stay tuned, as we will be launching custom regional drill bit designs for other difficult drilling areas around the world, including Canada, North America, and Russia.

Initiate rock failure

Extensive research of efficient rock failure is incorporated into the design of each Tektonic drill bit. We integrate the latest-generation technology to achieve maximum ROP for each fraction of energy expended in drilling by initiating rock failure as efficiently as possible.  

Minimize frictional losses

Building on high-performance Helios™ Inferno™ cutters, our latest technology increases ROP, improves drilling efficiency in all rock types, and reduces bit balling by using a low-friction cutting surface that enables the cuttings to move up the front face of the cutter and along the blade front more efficiently.

Distribute cutter load

Using new and innovative blade geometry, Tektonic drilling bits are optimized for the loading seen downhole. Blade height, forward lean, and root geometry are tailored specifically for the best performance and improved cuttings evacuation.

Maximize cuttings evacuation

To evacuate cuttings more efficiently and minimize the potential for bit balling in sticky formations, each cutter is incrementally offset from adjacent cutters at an optimized interval. The incremented cut profile also reduces the amount of energy required to fail the rock.

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