Temperature Shutdown Skid

Temperature Shutdown Skid

Stand-alone design safely shutdowns equipment when discharge temperature falls below or rises above set point.

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The simple-to-use Hydra Rig™ temperature shutdown skid is a compact and portable assembly for field use. The skid adds extra safety features, which are important to all nitrogen stimulation with coiled tubing, pipeline testing and pigging, purging and leak detection, and most land-based and offshore operations requiring nitrogen.

Our in-house engineers have designed this unit to monitor the temperature downstream of the nitrogen unit discharge valve. If the discharge temperature falls below or rises above the set point, a valve opens and vents control air, disabling the triplex pressure pump of the nitrogen unit. Pumping can either automatically restart when the discharge line warms up or cools down to the reset temperature, or it can be manually reset by the operator.

All of our nitrogen pumps are equipped with a remote-over-pressure protection port and associated valves. This means the remote temperature shutdown skid can be connected directly to this port or via the over-pressure shutdown panel if one is connected.

Our Hydra Rig service technicians can fully install and test this unit or provide full details to help our customers with installation. With our extensive experience in the field, we understand your equipment needs like no other supplier.

Features and Benefits

  • Extra safety for nitrogen equipment usage
  • Easy-to-use, adjustable set-point controller
  • Variable discharge temperature range: -20°C to 200°C
  • Optional 1502 tee with temperature probe adapter and 10,000-psi WP thermowell
  • Simple, stainless-steel panel and frame design
  • Sturdy lifting handles on either side of unit for safe lifting
  • Variable trip and reset temperature ranges for safe usage
  • Versatile to customers’ needs with optional manual or automatic reset option
  • Quick lead times
  • Temperature Shutdown Skid Flyer

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