TerraDRILL Motor

Rugged, durable motor technology designed for today's extended wells


Our new TerraDRILL™ motors are offered as either an oil sealed or mud lube bearing assembly. The motor assembly includes a sealed bearing unit engineered to run with extended reach technology such as the TerraPULSE™ Agitator™ tool. The powerful extended reach tools needed to reach total depth in today's long laterals challenge the reliability of previous motor technology. The new TerraDRILL motor was developed to exceed the requirements from these wells and advanced extended reach technologies. The assembly performs optimally when run with the TerraPULSE™ and TerraFORCE™ tools.

The new bearing section is built around upgraded metallurgy, more resistant to fatigue failure. We removed connections compared to previous technology, upgraded the bearings, included an integral flex sub as well as a proprietary tapered thread at heavily stressed locations, and created a motor catch indicator system.


  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Upgraded materials
  • Longer flex shaft and integral straight housing
  • Integral flex sub within the motor
  • Taper threads on top sub and combo housing
  • Surface indicator motor catch system
  • Enhanced assembly tools


  • Improved reliability
  • Designed to be ran with TerraPULSE and TerraFORCE assemblies
  • TerraDRILL Motor Tech Summary

  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

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