TERRAFORM Fluid System

FluidControl’s versatile TERRAFORM drilling fluid system is the single-drum solution for getting the highest possible yield from your well.


The multi-purpose solution for maximum asset value

Whether used in drilling a high-temperature (HT) wildcat in a sensitive ecosystem or in a low-solids and nondamaging drill-in application, FluidControl’s remarkably versatile TERRAFORM™ drilling fluid system is the single-drum solution that delivers nearly oil-based comparable drilling rates while generating the minimal to zero skin required for maximum production. With TERRAFORM, we’ve even eliminated the parasite strings often required for the most reactive formations. All this is in addition to TERRAFORM’s environmental benefits and reduced costs of a water-based drilling fluid.

The core of TERRAFORM is the industry’s only nonconcentrated biopolymer specially formulated to singularly push well beyond temperature boundaries once deemed impossible for a non-invert emulsion drilling fluid. TERRAFORM combines temperature stability up to 340 °F with the superb inhibitive characteristics of potassium and the additional inhibition and lubrication of the formate. The result is a high-density, low-solids system that consistently exhibits dependable rheological profiles and eliminates the nonproductive time (NPT) spent dealing with an unstable wellbore. This is a multiuse system that also is minimally corrosive, extremely CO2 tolerant, nondamaging, easy to maintain, compatible with a wide range of fluids, and exhibits excellent suspension and lubricity characteristics.

As an added bonus, TERRAFORM comes with the industry-leading expertise of FluidControl. As recognized TERRAFORM experts, we can modify the system to provide a cost-effective solution for any conceivable application.

A drilling fluid that takes “green” to an entirely new dimension

TERRAFORM contains no chlorides, making it entirely environmentally friendly and—as closed-bottle aerobic biodegradability tests confirm—completely biodegradable.

Between reducing waste management expenses, eliminating parasite strings in highly reactive reservoirs, and rewriting days versus depth curves to slash well construction costs and increasing production, it’s clear why more operators turn to TERRAFORM.

In the most challenging applications, the results speak for themselves

In applications as diverse as building a high-angle curve to maximizing production in an unstable reservoir, TERRAFORM routinely reinforces its reputation as the high-performance workhorse of the drilling fluid industry.

To learn more about the versatile TERRAFORM potassium formate drilling fluid system and how it can help meet all your drilling environmental and economic objectives, contact your FluidControl representative.


  • Unconventional shale and other onshore wells
  • Drilling and drill-in
  • High-temperature wells
  • Severe lost-circulation zones
  • Highly reactive formations
  • Extended-reach drilling
  • Sensitive ecosystems
  • H2S and CO2 environments


  • Proprietary HT biopolymer
  • Robust inhibitors
  • Minimal solids
  • Low coefficient of friction values
  • Minimal to zero skin
  • Buffered against acid gases
  • Superb caliper logs
  • Excellent suspension characteristics
  • Chloride-free
  • Consistent, reliable rheologies
  • Requires no spacers
  • Deposits thin filter cake


  • High temperature stability
  • Zero fluids-related NPT
  • Increases ROP
  • Produces near-gauge wellbores
  • Negates effects of CO2 and H2S
  • Zero cross-contamination
  • Eliminates need for parasite strings
  • Delivers excellent hole cleaning and lubricity
  • Nondamaging
  • Optimizes production
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with other fluids
  • Requires minimal treatment
  • Delivers stable wellbore
  • Enhances wellbore stability
  • Effective wide range of densities
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