TerraMax Milling System

Reach completion of your milling operation faster with our TerraMax milling system.


The TerraMax™ milling system improves coiled tubing (CT) milling time by reducing travel time within the wellbore to the obstruction and minimizing the time required to complete the milling operation. The system is ideal for plug milling, scale and cement milling operations, wellbore obstruction milling, fish removal, and burn-over operations.

The milling system includes:

  • Coil connector
  • Twin flapper check valve
  • Bowen™ TerraForce™ CT jar
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic disconnect
  • Agitator™ NEO™ oscillation CT tool
  • CT motor assembly
  • ShredR™ bit or Bowen™ mill


  • Individual tools within the BHA are:
    • Field proven with thousands of runs on assemblies
  • Assembled with the NOV Certified assembly process
    • Full traceability on all independent components of the assembly
    • Trained service technicians
  • Technical support available for tools
  • Designed for long, aggressive jobs
  • Ideal for a wide range of CT milling applications
  • TerraMax Milling System Catalog

Three fourths shot of a TerraMax Milling System on tripods with machinery in the background
Front view of the TerraMax Milling System, focusing on the junk mill. Product on tripods with machinery in the background.
Three fourths render of a curved TerraMax Milling System on a white background, with a focus on the junk mill
Full side render of a curved TerraMax Milling System on a white background

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