TerraPULSE Rogue CT Agitator

Address the challenges of long laterals and high tortuosity in today's unconventional wells with our TerraPULSE Rogue Dual Frequency Agitator System.


Precise placement for optimal drilling performance.

Increasing lateral lengths continue to push the depths coiled tubing must reach. Our TerraPULSE™Rogue Dual Frequency Agitator System leverages the experience gained from tens of thousands of Agitator runs coupled with extensive well testing to address the challenges of long laterals and high tortuosity in today’s unconventional wells. The TerraPULSERogue breaks 66% more friction when compared to our TerraPULSEXtreme technology, enabling you to reach total depth faster.


We utilize a proprietary data acquisition system and CT Agitator dyno to ensure that each system is set up to maximize friction reduction in the wellbore.

  • Allows precise measurement and ensures the system is performing optimally.
  • Ability to function test at actual flow rates of the job.


The TerraPULSERogue System was endurance tested on NOV’s horizontal test rig (HTR) and Navasota flow loop to ensure the assembly exceeded the requirements of today’s challenging wells.

  • Our HTR and Navasota flow loop enables us to test new tools in specific operations by using simulated environments and matched well characteristics to ensure our technology is fully tested and reliable prior to running it in a wellbore.


  • Highly configurable to optimize performance in each unique wellbore.
  • Upgraded connections, integral flex profiles,and high-strength alloys to enhance fatigue resistance
  • Designed to address the most challenging wellbores of today as well as the future.


Patented Dual Frequency operation addresses both helical and sinusoidal buckling, while competitor tools can only address one.

  • Proven to reduce friction by as much as 66% over TerraPULSEXtreme.
  • Incredibly reliable, built off our field-proven TerraPULSEchassis.
  • Agitator Placement Software Flyer

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