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CT connector, TerraTECH coiled tubing tools, set of 3

TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools

The TerraTECH line of coiled tubing tools is designed to withstand the harsh conditions BHAs are exposed to when reaching total depth in long laterals.

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Keeping it reel.

The unconventional's unrelenting thirst for efficiency continues to challenge us to develop new technologies that enable coiled tubing to remain the safest and most efficient method of post-frac well cleanouts.

Spurred by the never-ending push for longer and longer laterals, the past 10 years have delivered the most dramatic transformation in the 80-year history of the coiled tubing industry. Long laterals have challenged the oil and gas industry to continuously develop new technologies at an unprecedented pace.

A coiled tubing unit's size is often measured by the amount of the largest pipe that it can carry. In 2015, a unit carrying 22,000 feet of 2 in. coil was considered a capable unit. By 2020, to effectively reach the depth of today's unconventional laterals, a unit must often carry closer to 25,000 feet of 25/8 in. coil. All aspects of the well manufacturing process have had to become bigger, faster, lighter, stronger, or—like a 2 in. coiled tubing unit that carries 22,000 feet of coiled tubing—be quickly rendered obsolete and replaced with new technology.

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We are committed to continuing to push the boundaries on efficient access to the world’s longest laterals.

TerraPULSE CT Agitator Tool

Leveraging the experience gained from tens of thousands of Agitator runs, we have engineered the…

TerraPULSE Rogue CT Agitator

Address the challenges of long laterals and high tortuosity in today's unconventional wells with…

TerraDRILL Motor

Rugged, durable motor technology designed for today's extended wells

ReliaTECH CT Power Sections

The TerraTECH line of coiled tubing tools is designed to withstand the harsh conditions BHAs are…

TerraSEAL Twin Flapper Check Valve

Prevent the backflow of well fluids into the coiled tubing with our twin flapper check valve.

TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connectors

For quickly latching onto the coil while still benefiting from all the torque and tensile features,…

TerraLOK Hydraulic Disconnects

Our heavy-duty hydraulic disconnect is ideally suited for high-torque, heavy-duty coiled tubing…

TerraFLO Dual Activated Circ-Subs

Achieve greater flexibility and simpler operations in downhole applications with our dual-activated…

TerraFUSE Motorhead Assemblies

The motorhead assembly combines the twin flapper check valve with the heavy-duty hydraulic…

Bowen TerraForce Coiled Tubing Jar

Achieve easy, hard-hitting operations with no coiled tubing jar setting or adjustment required…

i-Stroke High-Impact Percussion Hammer

The i-Stroke is a high-impact percussion hammer for coiled tubing fishing and shifting operations.
Three CT Connector tools laid flat on a pallet. Part of the TerraTECH coiled tubing tools system.
Full shot of a TerraPULSE on tripods while a technician looks at it closely; two tools are standing upright in the background

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