Thru-Kote Connection System

Thru-Kote is a welded connection system for joining internally coated line pipe and piping systems.


Render of a t-flange ThruKote ZapLok connection system.
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Our Thru-Kote™ connection system uses a patented insert sleeve designed to protect the internal coating during the welding process.  

During the welding process, heat generated within the pipe will burn back the internal plastic coating approximately 1 to 2 in. from the welding seam. Thru-Kote sleeves isolate the burn-back of the coating and protects the steel substrate.  


  • Isolates burn-back of internal coating behind the sleeve
  • Backing ring and heat tape reduce excessive temperatures 
  • Holiday-free connection area 
  • X-ray compatible with API and ASME 
  • Compatible with Tube-Kote™ coatings 
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore applications 
  • Accommodates all configurations of piping systems 
  • Fast and flexible method of field construction 


  • The Thru-Kote U.B™ sleeve is an unbelled connection system for 2- to 42-in. line pipe designed to protect internal coatings during welding. 
  • Thru-Kote is a belled connection system allowing for a non-restricted inside diameter (ID). 
  • Thru-Kote Connection System UB Flyer
  • Line Pipe Services Brochure
  • Line Pipe Services Spec Sheet
  • Tuboscope Coatings Spec Sheet
  • Zap-Lok Pipeline Connection System Brochure
Render of a close-up view of the ZapLok connection system.
Render of a  ZapLok connection system.
Render of a close-up view of the t-flange ZapLok connection.

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