Tie-In Systems

Optimize your field development with our safe and essential subsea equipment.


Our carbon-steel tie-in system transfers accidental loads into the support structure. The system covers a wide range of subsea connections and is applicable for all horizontal and vertical tie-in purposes regardless of pipeline size. It can be applied to both rigid and flexible pipes as well as to direct pipeline tie-ins. The system can be configured for mono-, dual-, and multibore lines in addition to pressure caps and pig launchers/receivers.


  • Easy and fast to install; only one supervisor per shift
  • Reduced vessel time
  • WROV-carried tools
  • Horizontal and vertical tie-in
  • Flexible and rigid flowlines
  • Patented, field-proven solutions

Where we are

  • Hibernia Southern Development Project (Technip + Exxon) 8-in. THOR flexible jumpers/umbilicals – Delivered and installed
  • Ivar Aasen Tie-In Project (Det Norske) 12-in. THOR rigid spools – Delivered and installed
  • Mariner PLR Project (Subsea 7 + Statoil) 8-in. THOR integrated PLR – Delivered
  • Polarled Dewater Line Project (Allseas + Statoil) integrated PLET/Thor installation over stinger – Delivered

Direct tie-in

  • Tie-in operation without a spool
  • Pulling the structure towards the connection point
  • Modular tie-in of rechangeable items
  • Extensive experience through field-proven solutions