Titan High Volume Centrifuge

Large bowl, high volume centrifuge that reduces footprint, improves cut point, and increases safety and flexibility


The Titan™ large bowl, high volume centrifuge from Brandt™ makes operations faster and safer, all while maintaining a small rig footprint. Featuring a spring-assisted lid that is accessible from either side of the skid, the rig crew can get quick and easy access.

This technology also introduces an improved T-Conveyor design. Rather than smaller nozzles that create a detrimental jetting effect into the wall cake, the new self-cleaning conveyor uses fewer, larger nozzles for higher-flow rate applications that result in less internal wear and tear, while diminishing vibration. The innovative technology operates at full variable speed to process maximum flow rates at the finest cut point on the market. The new Titan solution has a narrow skid profile for a smaller footprint than ever before, while also being scalable to handle any size operation. It can also be paired with a smart controller that provides monitoring capabilities, remote access, and maintenance archive viewable on the Max™ Portal. 

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Titan Centrifuge

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