Titan Large-Diameter Roller-Cone Drill Bits

A large-diameter solution for a range of drilling applications in surface and top hole


Improve drilling rates with our roller-cone bit solution

When completing the interval in a single bit run is critical, ReedHycalog™ Titan™ bits are the solution. A rugged bearing design combined with a tough cutting structure allows Titan bits to complete large-diameter hole sections.

Titan roller-cone bits are especially well suited for use with a positive displacement motor. The tough design does not mean that penetration rate has been compromised; in fact, in many cases, improved drilling rates are observed. We have combined the following features, which help Titan bits deliver improved drilling rates and support the ability to complete the interval in a single bit run:

  • Tough, enhanced technology roller bearings
  • Superior cutting structures
  • Maximum gauge protection
  • Optimized hydraulics
  • Precision-placed hard metal


  • Roller bearings
  • Encapsulated ball race
  • Seals/grease
  • SuperTuff™ technology
  • MatchFit™ insert retention
  • TuffGage™ inserts
  • GageGuard™ inserts
  • Diamond inserts
  • ArmorClad II™ hardfacing
  • Mega P shirttail design
  • MudPick™ hydraulics
  • Center jets
  • Nozzles
  • VentRite™ grease reservoir
  • Titan HD Drill Bits Technical Summary

A render of a Titan HD Roller Cone Bit
A render of a Titan HD Roller Cone Bit