TK-340TC Coating

Thermal insulating technology for temperature control in HPHT applications.


Second best isn’t in our vocabulary.

As the energy industry continues to evolve, we are seeing significant growth in alternative energy research, and innovation in drilling & production techniques. To meet the needs of these challenging environments, cutting-edge coating technologies are required. For over 80 years, Tuboscope™ has led the industry in the development, manufacture and application and supply of innovative coating products. TK™-Coatings not only extend tubular life, they also provide better economic efficiency to ensure the end user gets the most out of their assets.

We keep things cool.

Tuboscope’s reputation of purposeful innovation delivers a first-of-its-kind coating, capable of reducing downhole temperatures, keeping BHA components cooler to extend working life and minimize costly downtime. The coating retains the same features our customers have come to expect -– improved hydraulic efficiencies, and exceptional protection against corrosion, wear & deposit build up.

TK-340TC low thermal conductivity coating was designed to provide enhanced levels of insulative properties, enabling the end user to better maintain fluid temperature within the pipe. As with all Tuboscope internal coatings, TK-340TC is designed to extend asset life while providing enhanced properties specific to individual goals and needs.

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