Tolteq Hellfire MWD Configuration

Our most advanced and reliable MWD configuration delivers next-generation performance in North America’s most demanding applications.


Built on our highly successful Tolteq™ measurement-while-drilling (MWD) platform, the Tolteq Hellfire MWD configuration was specifically designed for the harsh, vibration-prone, and high-temperature conditions typical of North America wellbores. With a name to match its aggressive performance in harsh conditions, our Hellfire MWD system delivers advanced, continuous measurements supported by cutting-edge telemetry speed and consistency in an extremely reliable and cost-effective package.

Hellfire MWD tools are available as a ready-to-deploy kit, combining the Tolteq NXT top-mount pulser, the new NXT directional module, SureMate™ centralizers, and the NXT GUIDE decoder. The Hellfire system leverages the latest top-mount pulser technology, which is engineered to perform in high-vibration environments while delivering exceptional pulse consistency and reliability even in extended-reach lateral applications. At 4 bits per second, we offer one of the fastest and most reliable data rates on the market, which is automatically decoded by the Hellfire’s ultra-intuitive and remote-operations-enabled surface system.

The Hellfire MWD configuration includes real-time pressure-while-drilling measurements, enabling access to advanced drilling optimization capability on every run. In addition, the Hellfire system can be configured to meet a wide variety of applications, including azimuthal gamma modules for more demanding reservoir navigation requirements.

With a reliability-driven design philosophy and continued development leveraging NOV’s world-class R&D facilities, directional drillers can be assured that Tolteq MWD products will remain the leading independently manufactured MWD solution in the market. All Tolteq tools are fully designed and manufactured in-house by NOV experts using the latest manufacturing techniques and design standards to avoid compatibility and interface issues.

For more information on the Tolteq Hellfire MWD Configuration, please contact Cary Eddy at [email protected], or fill out the form below.

  • Tolteq Hellfire MWD Configuration Tool Specification

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