Tolteq Hellfire Top-Mount Pulser

Say goodbye to 90’s pulser technology. Demand the Hellfire TMP.


You can't be innovative today with technology from yesterday.

The demands of drilling operations are constantly evolving, and technology must evolve right along with it to stay ahead of drilling demands. When you're looking for the best pulser technology for your measurement while drilling (MWD) configuration, demand it by name: The Tolteq™ Hellfire Top-Mount Pulser (TMP).

  • Tolteq Hellfire Top-Mount Pulser Spec Sheet

Don't be constrained by mud pulse technology that was developed in the 90s.

The Hellfire TMP is the culmination of years of innovation and engineering. Optimized for today's drilling applications, the Hellfire TMP isn't restricted by the 90's design constraints. It maximizes performance by using every square inch of available space resulting in optimized telemetry performance, tool ruggedness, and sensor distance from the bit.

Eliminate 30%* of MWD failures with new, modern top-end assembly.

Addressing the shortfalls of the original retrievable design, including the antiquated retrievable lower-end assembly, the Hellfire TMP's top-end assembly isn't reliant on numerous consumable parts and doesn't require continuous field assembly.

Improve downhole measurement accuracy, performance, and distance from the bit.

The Hellfire TMP offers increased run times, closer-to-the-bit measurements, more reliable amplitude in long laterals, up to 50% reduction in recorded shock and vibration through its collar-mounted design, and improved downhole continuous measurements accuracy by over 30%*.

Enable superior real-time communication with the most popular Rotary Steerable Systems and third party MWD systems.

The Hellfire TMP is uniquely positioned for third-party integration. It unleashes the full potential of RSS real-time communication with third party MWD systems by moving the pulser to the top of the MWD string. This eliminates connection issues caused by lower-end assemblies disjointing communication between the RSS and MWD equipment.

Demand technology as innovative as the environments are extreme.

Designed for applications with significant lost-circulation material (LCM), the Hellfire TMP effortlessly dispenses with a variety of mud weights and content. The TMP includes a variety of smart logging features with Tool Tracker™, which can be upgraded through firmware. The TMP provides all the advantages of top-mount technology and delivers on its promise of an advanced configuration that gets stable, consistent pulses even in the most extreme drilling environments. The Hellfire TMP's unique pressure assisted pulser replaces older motor driven designs traditionally used in TMPs, greatly improving battery life in longer runs without sacrificing performance.

Render of a Top-Mount Pulser, with rocky, undergound imagery

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*Data recorded and calculated from NOV MWD rental applications in North America; NPT directly attributed to lower-end assemblies incidents.

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